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There are many excellent websites and single pages pertaining to Lepidopteran critters--the butterflies and moths. I have listed a few here and will be adding more as I run across them. Several of these are commercial sites which also sell supplies and equipment for creating habitats for lepidopterans--so much the better! If you have a favorite Lepi-website, send me the link!

My favorite reference site for all things "butterfly":

Nice description of butterfly development:

Amy from New Orleans suggested this excellent page which describes how to create a butterfly garden and provides many additional links on the subject:

Ava passed along this link to another excellent page that describes how to build a butterfly garden in your back yard:

Jamie and Lisa sent a link to an informative page that describes which plants can be used to attract pollenators, including butterflies, to your garden:

Hazel provided these four links:

Butterfly Conservation's websites:

Collection of butterfly resources,including species, glossaries and general knowledge:

Free butterfly printables for educational use:

A page dedicated to Monarch butterflies:

Kelly, Lacy, and Layla provided a link to an excellent website that describes how to create backyard habitats for various types of wildlife, including butterflies:

Jenna and Kelly sent a link to a useful and succinct webpage that provides information about creating pollinator gardens which include food plants for butterflies and moths:

Hermann Samano and Julio Cardona have provided a link to a page they created called A Tribute To The Monarch Butterfly: How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Butterfly Friendly Habitat